Christmas dreams meaning

By | May 11, 2019

Christmas dreams meaning


To dream of Christmas represents situations in life where it feels that you are getting something long deserved. Feeling that someone else has no choice but to give you a deserved break or special treatment. A joyous occasion. Renewed happiness that your health is returning or that something you’ve wanted for a long time is finally happening.

Alternatively, dreaming about Christmas may reflect social situations where it feels important for everyone to put effort into making other people feel cared about. Social festivity that is very caring or putting extra effort into treating people special. Leisure time or closeness with family.

Negatively, Christmas in a dream may reflect a dislike of feeling forced to care about other people or enjoy spending time with family. Not enjoying feeling forced to take a break or long deserved vacation. Alternatively, it may reflect jealousy of other people deserving to be treated more special than you. Feeling grateful for deserving something that should have been easy or already given to you. Allowing someone to abuse their power over you by giving you something that is already yours as though it’s special.

Example: A man dreamed of Christmas time with family and wanting to leave. In waking life he was experiencing discomfort at having to attend a party because he was very anti-social and easily made nervous with talking to people. The Christmas symbolism may have reflected his feelings about all the effort people were putting into making others feel special at the party. It felt like it was too much closeness for his comfort level.

Example 2: A man dreamed of walking into the living room of his Grandmother’s house and seeing that it was Christmas time. In waking life he was given an temporary break from a very strenuous job at work. He felt an enormous sense of relief as his employers were very demanding under unique conditions. Christmas in this case may have reflected his feelings of having a much deserved break to pursue other things he liked besides work since he rarely gets a break with the serious nature of his job.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of Christmas time. In waking life she had been ill for a very long time and was finally starting to get her health back. Christmas time may have reflected her feelings about life or God finally treating her fair by restoring her health after such a long time of long doing so.



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