Christmas Lights dreams meaning

By | May 11, 2019

Christmas Lights dreams meaning

Christmas Lights

To dream of christmas lights represents gestures that are intended to make other people feel good thinking they deserve things. Being happy for others blessings. Mutual goodwill. An attitude that is supportive of togetherness for friends and family.

Negatively, may reflect jealousy, frustration, or resentment of having to be happy for others blessings. Exhausting yourself being happy for others. Feelings about other people going overboard with their gestures of mutal good will.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing  In waking life her grandson was just born and the whole family came together to celebrate it. The christmas lights may have reflected the woman’s feelings about the whole family being noticeably happy for birth of the grandson.



One thought on “Christmas Lights dreams meaning

  1. Daniel Gary

    I just woke up from this dream and there were a series of different vibes, situations, people, animals, and themes in the span of an hour nap (the Christmas lights are in the end). The dream mainly took place in my apartment with my roommates cleaning up after their messy pets(“They never had pets lol”). Their side of the apartment was a complete disaster with poop, pets, and dog food all over the place. After getting frustrated from stepping on rabbit poop and dog food I left their area saying to one of the roomates “Im not going to do this anymore”. My roomate sayed “I know” with complete understanding.

    The dream naturally shifted into rooms with multiple little living spaces where most people were exercising to become the best gym(each gym was a room with the tiny living spaces). I then left the building and joined a four player floor chess game which was beyond confusing as the opponent jumped a space and two knights”blue dots” landed in random spots on the floor with no squares. I was made fun of for not knowing the basics and the dream faded back into my apartment. In my apartment, there were multiple other areas with Christmas lights symbolizing 7 Youtube likes for each light. Each area had teams and my team had a bunch of white and blue lights while an other team had green and yellow lights. Both of our teams had only around 15 lights and a small tree in the middle, but it still looked awesome.

    I have no idea behind the symbolism besides I like to play chess, hate messes, and watch Youtube. There was also a part where I picked up a drunk girl and ran through hallways with multiple tight squeezes and a bunch of people trying to stop me with large blunt objects. I had a group of friends behind me cheering me on as I ran through the hallways, but they didn’t want to actually help out for some reason.



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