Chloroform dreams meaning

By | May 10, 2019

Chloroform dreams meaning


To dream of chloroform represents feelings about attempts being made to get someone else to completely stop thinking something immediately. Distracting or overwhelming others with too much of something in order to make them passive. Attempting to make someone passive or stop doing something as quickly as you can. Intentionally blocking or stopping someone against their wishes.

Negatively, dreaming about chloroform may reflect manipulative attempts to ignore people’s feelings or avoid doing what you are told. Intentionally distracting people or interfering with their goals. A jealous need to put an end to something you don’t like immediately. A quick or desperate attempt to silence someone. Feeling that people are overloading you with other problems to intentionally stop you from your current goals. A fear of distractions allowing important opportunities to pass you by.

Example: A woman dreamed of dissecting a frog and then having a hand come out from behind her and knock her out with chloroform. In waking life she felt that her husband was being unsupportive of her during pregnancy by distracting her with responsibilities in order to get her stop nagging him to do something.



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