Chinese People dreams meaning

By | May 10, 2019

Chinese People dreams meaning

Chinese People

To dream of Chinese people represents aspects of your personality that forego feeling good to achieve goals. Being uninterested or unbiased. A conservative view of a situation. Discipline.

Positively, Chinese people represent intelligent patience or critical thinking. Not allowing emotions to sway your decisions whatsoever. Waiting for something negative to pass on its own for a long period of time if needed. A willingness to take the long hard road to win.

Negatively, Chinese people represent total boredom, total disregard for feelings, or emptiness. Some area of your life where working is all you do. Someone or something uninteresting. Having no fun at all. It may also reflect arrogantly demanding something be perfect. Not caring what happens at all. A lack of enthusiasm for something. Feeling that someone you consider no fun won’t listen to you. You or someone else that never appreciates anything.

A Chinese person in a dream may point to people around you or situations you are experiencing that aren’t very fun. Chinese people may also be a sign that you are working hard, saving, biding time, or don’t really care how something turns out. Fun and leisure are not a priority. Feeling good is not important.

Personality traits or areas of your life that are objective, hard working, or disciplined. A part of you that may resist temptation or never give up what you’ve saved. It could also reflect giving good advice that may not feel good to others.

Personality traits or areas of your life that are too conservative, bore you, or never interest you enjoying yourself. A part of you that may completely sacrifice happiness for work, solitude, moral beliefs, or high standards.

To dream of sexually attractive Chinese people can symbolize your enjoyment of having no strong attachment to something. Enjoying being unbiased, conservative, or not being needy.

To dream of evil or criminal Chinese people symbolizes your view of a person or situation that is terrifies you with now uncaring or unbiased it is. It may also reflect your own unbiased negative intentions that are going overboard.

People threatening others with their suicide may dream of an evil Chinese person to reflect their total lack of concern for enjoying life that is scaring the people around them.



6 thoughts on “Chinese People dreams meaning

  1. Dark Shadow

    There were three to four Chinese people in my house.
    Then I saw three spiders fighting each other and the third jumped near me
    What does this mean?

    1. Jay

      I dream a line of Chinese military people in line almost ready for war trying to finding something and someone from a apartment building shot down and they open fire second part changed to a cemetery where they had three objects on top of the cement wall that they broke with their faces by their allies carrying them with their feet pushing against the wall destroying the wall with their force of mental strength and body. Back to part 1 of the dream as they were leaving the area they were marching and slightly performing martial arts animal style Stan’s the one that stood out was the Tiger stance

  2. Anonymous

    Dream working for a Chinese family cooking in the kitchen washing dishes and tidy up the whole kichen

  3. Karlene

    Dream working for a Chinese family cooking in the kitchen washing dishes and tidy up the whole kichen

  4. Anonymous

    It was in the middle of nowhere
    I was in a middle of a crowd
    There was also fire all around this crowd made us look red but the fire was far from us didn’t hurt us
    And there was this Chinese man he looked like he’s on his late thirties talking about buttholes and balls sex
    I was embarrassed listening to it
    I was just standing there shocked
    Then I went to another dream 😬
    What the hell does this mean?


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