Chimney dreams meaning

By | May 10, 2019

Chimney dreams meaning


To dream of a chimney represents feeling good or enjoying yourself without having to notice problems. A situation where all that you don’t like is easily dealt with. Pleasure, entertainment, or enjoying one’s self “without a hitch.” Not bothering yourself with the hassles of maintenance or upkeep. Comfort knowing that what you like is always working.

A chimney may also reflect enjoying power that is unchallenged or never embarrassed. Never caring about what you don’t like at all.

Alternatively, may reflect you or someone else being viewed by others as comfortable with power. The projection of your dignity and status to others.

Negatively,  may reflect enemies you feel “have it all” or feel good knowing they can’t be stopped.

To dream of a blocked represents delays or problems that keep ruining your ability to enjoy yourself. You can’t sit back and relax. The inability to effortlessly notice yourself with respect, power, or dignity.



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