Cheesecake dreams meaning

By | May 11, 2019

Cheesecake dreams meaning


To dream of cheesecake represents situation in your life where you feel good being safe. Noticing that there is nothing dangerous anymore. You may feel relieved that something hard or horrible is over.

Example: A man dreamed of not being able to eat a cheesecake. In waking life he was captive prisoner who failed his escape from prison. The cheesecake that eluded him reflected the relief from prison life that he was unable to achieve.



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  1. Gingerich Renee Gingerich

    I had a dream last night, and in one part of it, or a part of it, the dream I mean, I was Hungry, for breakfast…..and all I wanted to do, was to have some cereal or eat some cereal, because I was Hungry is why……also: I think my family and me were staying at this hotel or hotel resort like place in another state or states??? also: NOBODY AND NO ONE Really cares About Me, Like These HARASSING DRIVERS, That see me wandering along as a pedestrian, and THEY Keep Asking Me If I Want A RIDE!!! I tell Them NO AND NOPE!!! Even HERE In Greenville, TX./Texas TOO,……I DON’T NOT WANT A DAMN fucking RIDE DRIVERS IN THIS TX./Texas TOWN!! Because I GOT INTO TROUBLE IN ANOTHER TOWN AND STATE SOME YEARS AGO, FOR TAKING A RIDE WITH Someone Or Somebody, And IT WASN’T Even My Fault,…..NOR DID I EVER EVEN ASK THAT DRIVER Or DRIVERS For A Ride Either, And Yet, The POLICE Or COPS In THAT Town And State STOPPED The DRIVER Or DRIVERS, And I’M The ONE Who GOT ACCUSED Of BEGGING THAT DRIVER OR DRIVERS, For A Ride, When That’s Not True At All…..Like I Was Some Type Of PROSTITUTE OR HOOKER Or SOMETHING!!! SEE WHAT TROUBLE OR TROUBLES YOU DRIVERS GET ME INTO??? SHEESH!!! From: Lizzy Elise Gingerich Currently Living in Greenville, TX./Texas


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