Cheeks dreams meaning

By | May 11, 2019

Cheeks dreams meaning


To dream of a cheek represents awareness of how sensitive or insensitive you feel. Cheeks may also reflect your feelings about how caring or uncaring a situation feels all the time. How nice or awful a situation always feels to you. Consider how adorable, withdrawn, or ugly the are to determine the degree of sensitivity being felt.

To dream of red cheeks represents embarrassment that your true feelings or thoughts are on display to others.

Gentle represent innocence or high degree of sensitivity. Sculpted cheeks represent an unwillingness to be a treated like a loser, talked down to, or feelings of never being desperate. Withdrawn represent some aspect of yourself that doesn’t care about feeling good again. Chubby may reflect sensitivity about always needing a lot of something.

To dream of a hole in represents a problem with maintaining a comfortable feeling about yourself. Feeling forced to be sensitive about a problem that is out of control. Feeling forced to feel losing.

To dream of being kissed on the  represents admiration, reverence, or respect. It may also reflect approval for one’s actions



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