Checks dreams meaning

By | May 12, 2019

Checks dreams meaning


To dream of a check written to you represents feelings about opportunities, progress, or gains being made that are proving themselves to be serious. A life situation where there is a display of “putting your money where your mouth is.”

Negatively, a check or cheque may reflect lies being told to others to only make it appear that an opportunity or advancement is serious. Dishonest agreements or deceptive rhetoric to convince people that someone is being serious. It may also reflect unrealistically high expectations for the future when no serious promises have been made.

To dream of a bounced check represents failed promises, plans, rewards, or expectations. Something that was supposed to happen didn’t. Feeling that someone has failed to meet certain obligations or make good on a serious promise. Embarrassment that you or someone else has lied about a serious claim. A confident lie may have been exposed. Embarrassment that you or someone else has agreed to more than they can afford to.

The value of the check uses numerology to reflect what will soon happen.

To dream of a blank check represents big promises of unlimited support. A serious show of support that tells someone else to do whatever they think is best. It may also reflect a powerful act of trust being placed in others to act independently. A lack of concern for anything except getting something done.

To dream of a check being lose may reflect feelings about careless actions or mistakes making someone else not want to fulfill a promise they made.



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