Chase Dreams

By | March 1, 2019


Chase dreams usually come back to haunt us in recurring type dreams that can drag on until we find the issue. Running away from what ever is chasing you suggests you are running away from something you fear in you’re walking life. Finding out who is chasing you might be easy but what is it’s true form? Dreams have a tendency to come across as metaphors so understanding every detail and decoding it helps get to the core of the issue. We found a video online that gives us more insight on chase dreams and what to do when you get them. He mentioned that you should turn around and confront your attacker but I don’t think that is a good idea. If you don’t fix the issue in your walking life then it might manifest it to something else if you confront what ever is chasing you. How to you find out who is chasing you. You have to figure out if this is an internal or external problem. If you cant see the face of the attacker then it could be aspects of yourself you are not facing that’s killing you. If you recognize the attacker then it could have something to do with that person.

Our dream forum has Thousands of members that study and have there dreams analyzed. Below we listed some chase dreams from our forum members that give you an idea that it is more common that you think. We will show you a consistent pattern in most of the chase dreams below that is the key symbol to analyze.


Dream 1:

I had a disturbing dream last night, which I’ve had several times before. In it, I was being chased by a person that I had imprisoned, it was sort of weird – like I had imprisoned him and then forgot all about him (forgot to feed him/ let him out – just forgot!), then he obviously managed to escape and was hunting me down. I was running away and feeling more guilty than scared (but still very scared). I felt like I should stop and apologize, or try to explain that it was all mistake. The chase went on for ages, through dark forests and villages, I’d even wake up from the dream and go to the bathroom, when I got back to bed the dream would take up where it left off. ===== What does this mean?


Dream Analysis:

If you notice the key dream symbols in her dream.  We have imprisoned twice, feeling more guilty, stop and apologize and bathroom.  Just by judging from the symbols her problem seems to be with her guilt that is weighing her down. The bathroom would imply some form or needing  release from the stress.


Dream 2:

Ive had a dream reoccurring every once in a while the past year or so. It is where I’m at my grandmothers old house on the lake and im stuck inside the house I cant get out. My grandmother and a very large, scary dog are behind a see through door and im putting all my strength to keep them from coming out because i know theyll hurt me. I let go of the door and run as fast as i can down to the lake to get into an inflatable boat and go home to my mother, the only one whom i can trust. My best friend jumps in the boat with me and were off to get somewhere safe but all of a sudden my younger cousins get in the water and try to drown us by tipping the boat over. Somewhere along the lines my cousins and best friend disappears and Im left alone, and really scared. My last obstacle is through a simple tunnel, where small monsters jump out and try to pull me back from getting out, i finally reach the end of the tunnel, a bright open lake that sparkles. But i know something is still wrong, however that is where my dream ends. I hate having this dream, what does it mean and how can I prevent it from happening again?

Dream Analysis:

The time of the recurring dream you can trace back that problem too,  in this dreamers case it was one year.  This dream shouts out external problems most likely with her family.  Water would represent emotions and the cousin is pulling her down.  She feels stuck, trying hard to not get hurt and then gets pulled down.