Charcoal dreams meaning

By | May 12, 2019

Charcoal dreams meaning


To dream of charcoal remains from a fire represents your awareness or feelings about a situation being lost forever. A permanent destruction or loss. Feelings about yourself being too late to stop something terrible. Shock or surprise at how much of an jerk something was.

To dream of bbq charcoal represents a wish to keep an enjoyable or carefree situation going. Efforts to make sure that something you like doesn’t stop. Negatively, bbq charcoal may reflect ignoring being told what to do so you can keep enjoying yourself.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing a city where there was nothing left except  and ash. In waking life her grandparent had died and she felt sad that she could never talk to them again.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of quickly picking up a bible up from a barbecue and noticed it had on the cover. In waking life he was fearing getting caught having lied to his parents about something they told him to stop doing. He never got caught, but had to live the memory of having lied and gone behind their backs to enjoy himself.



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  1. Rob:

    Hi do I had an odd dream my ex wife was in the room then her partner came in and she left I was sweeping up charcoal (ash) then I picked up a spider on one of its strings it was a white spider with a green circled back the spider bites me it really hurts I try to remove it but can’t ended up pulling it off it brakes in 2 haths and then I wake up really quickly from the pain odd do you know what it could mean any help would be great thank you


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