Chaos dreams meaning

By | May 12, 2019

Chaos dreams meaning


To dream of chaos represents feelings of being overwhelmed by confusion or instability. Not feeling certain about the outcome of a situation. Feelings about lacking organization or harmony. Lacking calm or “peace of mind” in a situation. A lack of leadership. Pandemonium. A lack of certainty following the end of a stable relationship.

Negatively, chaos may reflect feelings about the possibility of risky choices you’ve made not working out. Fearing that your enemies will succeed “when the dust settles.” Feeling that you life is on the line. Feeling that potential to experience a major loss with no way to assert control in the current moment.

Paranoia or nonobjective worrying about events getting out of control for which you have no ability to control.

Example: A woman dreamed of experiencing chaos in a dream. In waking life she had just broken up with her boyfriend.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of watching tv and seeing  all over the world. In waking she was paranoid about the blood moon she had witnessed in the evening sky being a sign that Jesus had returned and the end of the world had arrived.



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