Chandeliers dreams meaning

By | May 12, 2019

Chandeliers dreams meaning


To dream of a chandelier represents feelings of impressiveness as though it were a normal state. Awareness of yourself or someone else that is being noticed by others as making perfectly impressive decisions as though it were normal. Feeling like a perfect winner that is always noticed by others that way. Feelings of yourself having high rank or high social importance. Projecting an impressive image to others that is unquestionable. Projecting an image of wealth to others. Projecting an image of the ease with which you can purchase something expensive. Feelings about your family being rich or successful. Feelings of grandeur or greatness. Confidence that you can never be embarrassed. Feelings of never being desperate.

Negatively, a chandelier may reflect self-absorption with how amazing you are. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings of being impressive to others when given power you are not used to. A sign that you may have issues with feeling little or small that switches to an over-inflated sense of being impressive when you’re given power you are not accustomed to. Enjoying feelings of being richer than other people. An over-inflated ego about being better looking than others. Faking wealth to others. Delusions of grandeur or greatness.

Example: A woman dreamed feeling uncomfortable staying too long in a huge house with a beautiful chandelier because she didn’t own the house. In waking life her husband was on duty in the army and left her with to make all the decisions regarding buying a car. The chandelier may have reflected her tendency to be too amazed with herself looking impressive to others while shopping for a car since buying a car was more expensive that anything else she had purchased



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