Chairs dreams meaning

By | May 12, 2019

Chairs dreams meaning


To dream of a chair represents “staying put” with a decision. Taking a position in life. Situations where you are aware of yourself not wanting to take action at all. Waiting or “sitting a situation out.” Inactivity, preferring to relax, or passivity. Behavior you are comfortable with. An attitude that is stubbornly refusing to cooperate or accept insulting behavior anymore.

Alternatively, a chair may reflect how you are taking time out to contemplate a situation before proceeding.

To dream of a red chair may reflect a negative or dangerous situation you are choosing to stick with. Awareness of yourself stubbornly or dangerously “sitting” on an issue.

To dream of no chairs may represent feelings about having no ability to secure or stabilize a situation. Feeling that there is no way relax or be comfortable with a decision. Anxiety or stress will not stop. Resting or taking break are not possible.

Example: A woman dreamed of two dogs attacking her dog and then being ready to kill both dogs by hitting them with a chair. In waking life she had been putting up with her fiancee’s vicious verbal attacks and was very close to lashing out at him to permanently stop him. The chair in this case may have reflected her wish to stubbornly refuse to accept further poor treatment from her fiance.



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