Ceremony dreams meaning

By | May 12, 2019

Ceremony dreams meaning


To dream of a ceremony represents sensitivity about never wanting to embarrass yourself doing a single thing wrong for special or unusual events in your life. Feeling that positive behavior or fulfilling an expected role is of utmost importance. Feelings about an unusual transition being important and requiring perfect attention to detail or policies. Feelings about a situation being so dangerous that you must do every single thing perfect to complete it.

Negatively, a ceremony may reflect giving way too much importance to a special or unusual event. Wasting your time thinking that a change in your life is all important. Anxiety that you will become a total embarrassment or lose something for good if you don’t act perfectly during a special moment or transition. Excessively requiring attention to every little detail in order to make a transition that might not be as big of a deal as you believe it to be. Being perfectly concerned with every single little thing you say being listened to.

Alternatively, a ceremony in a negative context may reflect a complete lack of concern for having to care about someone else’s feelings during a special moment or transition.

To dream of a water ceremony may reflect your wish to perfectly maintain an uncertain situation in your life so that you never have to experience something unpleasant for real.

Example: A father dreamed of attending a water ceremony. In waking life he was experiencing difficulty giving his son a large sum of money so that his son could move away to another country to start a new life. He wanted his son to perfectly follow his banking and legal advice before getting the money when it was irrelevant advice. The ceremony reflected his need to feel good being perfectly respected and listened to like an expert before giving the money away to his son. He was having difficulty watching his son growing up and moving away and being his own person.



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