Centaurs dreams meaning

By | May 12, 2019

Centaurs dreams meaning


To dream of a centaur represents feelings about something being wrong with getting ahead or using quicker advantages. The possibility or suspicion that using an advantage to get ahead is wrong. The combined characteristics of someone who is stubborn, aggressive. and intelligent about how to get ahead. People in your life that you feel don’t care about anything except themselves in order to get ahead.

Negatively, a centaur may reflect behavior that is selfish driven to always want more for itself. A person that scares you that they never conform at all while trying to get ahead. Feeling that someone scares you that they would always prioritize winning before honesty. Feeling stuck in a relationship with someone that never wants to settle down. Money always coming before family because you or someone else is too busy enjoying success. Feelings about advantages or opportunities being immoral.

A centaur may also reflect people in your life that always have an excuse to not slow down. Someone you know is in love with themselves being a perfect winner before all else. Being too smart to ever have to do what you are told.

Example: A woman dreamed of herself and her boyfriend being chased by a centaur. In waking life she was afraid of having to accept her boyfriend as someone who refused to get married or go to church. She felt that her boyfriend was very driven to remain as someone who never conforms or settles down for a family. Running away from the centaur in this case may have reflected her feelings about wishing to avoid her boyfriend’s wish to avoid church to work or enjoy himself. She may have felt that her boyfriend saw church as a waste of time that could be avoided to get life advantages of increased time for work and enjoyment.



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