Celebration dreams meaning

By | May 12, 2019

Celebration dreams meaning


To dream of celebration represents feeling of being pleased with a situation that has changed for the better. Happiness to see a goal achieved. Enjoying experiencing success, victory, or an accomplishment being realized. An emotional release. Situations where you are very happy to be away from troubling problems. Awareness of yourself being happier than you previously were. Feeling grateful to be away from conflict, arguments, or people that are starting to annoy you.

Enjoying a positive turning point in your life. Feeling good experiencing everything you care about working. A worry free attitude.

Negatively, celebrating in a dream may reflect imbalanced mood swings. Strong depression followed by extreme excitement. Feeling good for something arrogant or guilty. Hoping for something incredible to happen that might be impossible. Feeling silly having to be happy for something you don’t think is incredible. Pretending to feel happy for others. A possible indicator that you are becoming aware of yourself being happier with someone out of your life. Bitter anger that is very happy to see others lose. Negatively, celebrations may also reflect feelings of embarrassment for having become too happy about something. Feeling stupid that you were excited about something that ended up being temporary. Sensitivity about witnessing any possible improvement in a problem situation. Repeat emotional swings.

To dream of seeing enemies or evil people celebrating may reflect feeling of embarrassment or humiliation at losing. Feeling that your competition is happy to see you fail. Feeling that people are happy to achieve their goals of defeating you. Anxiety about experiencing your competition or enemies defeating you. Anxiety about enjoying see you fail or laughing at your failures. Alternatively, seeing evil people celebrating may reflect your own arrogant happiness to witness others failing.

Example: A woman dreamed of experiencing a celebration. In waking life she felt that good things were finally starting to happen to her after a lot of hard work.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a celebration. In waking life he was embarrassed at himself for having become excited that a small improvement with his business meant that a long term problem was finally correcting itself.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of celebrating with people. In waking life she had gotten free time away from her husband whom she had been arguing with and was having a pleasant dinner with other members of her family. The celebrating in the dream may have reflected her growing awareness of herself liking her life more without her husband around and enjoying time away from him.




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