Carry dreams meaning

By | May 14, 2019

Carry dreams meaning


To dream to of carrying something represents feelings about a burden or resentment you are “carrying.” It may also reflect a heightened sense of importance to be prepared in some manner for a situation you are expecting. Anxiety or concerns about losing an opportunity.

To dream of carrying a person may reflect feelings about burdening yourself with other people’s problems. Feeling that you need to do all the hard work for someone else. Feeling stressed or pressured into completely supporting someone through a difficult time. Trying to be a hero when you don’t need to be.

To dream of carrying a weapon may reflect feelings of readiness for a conflict of some sort. Feelings of readiness to prove yourself or make drastic decision if needed.

Example: A young teenage girl dreamed of carrying a coin because it was part of a mission. In waking life she was having deluded thoughts about being a “starseed” person who had to carry out a special mission on earth. The coin she has to carry may have reflected her distorted perception of her life purpose being a burden she had to carry out her whole life.



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