Carpet dreams meaning

By | May 14, 2019

Carpet dreams meaning


To dream of carpeting represents thoughts and emotions focused on comfort, luxury, and relaxation. You aren’t concerned with, or don’t want to focus on anything uncomfortable or negative. Feeling good noticing everything under control.

Carpeting in a dream may also reflect feelings about a situation being comfortable enough not to scare you. Feeling comfortably confident.

Negatively, dreaming about a carpet may reflect a comfortable attitude about something dangerous or difficult. A comfortable attitude about something difficult being easy when it’s isn’t easy.

To dream of cleaning a carpet represents feelings about needing to maintain a comfortable situation. Carefulness to not allow a comfortable situation to become too lazy, reckless, or neglected. Reversing anything that doesn’t keep a comfortable situation staying that way.

To dream of a red runner carpet (e.g. red carpet event) represents a path in life that makes you feel more special or important. It may also reflect feelings of always being the center of attention.

Consider the condition and designs of the carpet and how it may symbolize what you are experiencing in life (e.g. repeating patterns may reflect repeating situations or feelings)

To dream of a rug carpet or throw rug carpet represents covering something up or disguising your true thoughts and feelings. Insulation and protection. Feeling better ignoring something.

Red carpeting (excluding red runner carpets) may reflect how comfortable you feel with negative behavior. Benefiting and enjoying lying, cheating, or stealing.

Dark green carpeting may reflect how comfortable you are thinking of only yourself. Benefiting and feeling relaxed with selfish or arrogant behavior. Light green carpeting may reflect how good or comfortable you feel while healing or rejuvenating yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of walking down a darker shade green carpet. In waking life he had a very calm attitude about be willing to kill himself while he saught professional help. The green carpet in this case may have reflected his relaxed comfortable attitude about being willing to end his life while trying to seek help.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of walking down a brown carpet and then walking into a room with dog feces. In waking life she was deluding herself with how easy it would be to move away from an unpleasant life before realizing that she had difficult problems she needed to deal with before moving would ever be a real possibility. The brown carpet in this case may have reflected her temporary comfortable feelings about how easy it would be to prepare for moving away to a new life.

Example 3: A young girl dreamed of walking down a carpet at school. In waking life she was interested in dating a guy at school while her parents wouldn’t allow her to date at all. The carpet in this case may have reflected her comfortable feelings about not getting into trouble talking to boys at school with her parents never finding out about it.



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