Carnival dreams meaning

By | May 14, 2019

Carnival dreams meaning


To dream of a carnival feelings about time sensitive need to enjoy yourself. Feeling that you will miss out on having a really good time if you don’t ignore everything else. A spontaneous opportunity for enjoyment. Enjoying wasting time or money. Enjoying something you know won’t last very long. “Splurging” on short term fun.

Negatively, a carnival may reflect a “spur of the moment” need to enjoy yourself that neglects responsibilities. Disregarding family life or friendships because a spontaneous time-sensitive opportunity to have fun came up. Awareness of your enjoying yourself while not having to care about anyone else’s feelings. Wasting time on childish experiences. Difficulty resisting a spontaneous enjoyable opportunity. Short-term fun that may come with personal costs or with no regard for consequences of it. Difficulty resisting an exciting experience that requires neglecting a responsibility.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a carnival parking lot. In waking life she was fed up with her sisters drug addiction problems. The carnival may have reflected her feelings about her sister having difficulty resisting a good time on drugs if they became available to her with no regard for the consequences of it on her life.



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