Car Windows dreams meaning

By | May 13, 2019

Car Windows

To dream of a car door window represents feelings about whether or not you are keeping yourself isolated from other people as you proceed with your own life choices. Feelings about whether or not you need to listen to “outside” opinions or complaints as you control a situation.

To dream of an open car door window may reflect a more casual or open attitude about listening to other people or allowing others to be involved with your decision-making. Negatively, it may reflect feeling stupid about talking to people about your problems and letting them get too involved in your life. Interference that causes you frustration.

To dream of a close car door window may reflect your wish to stay focused on your own decision-making without interference. You may be aware of what other people feel, but don’t want it interfering with your choices. Negatively, it may reflect a conscious awareness of yourself ignoring other people while you proceed with something unpleasant, dangerous, or dishonest.

To dream of a broken car door window may reflect feelings about not being able to avoid people, avoid talking to people, or avoid listening to other people’s concerns. Feeling that you can’t ignore situations you don’t like as you try to control how your life is going. A problem, crisis, or mistake that makes it very difficult to focus on your own decision-making. Problems or “jerks” in your life that make privacy difficult. Difficulty avoiding people who are interfering. A lack of privacy or independence that feels forced on you beyond your control.

Example: A man dreamed of rolling up his window to avoid an aggressive man from reaching in the window to unlock the door to barge into the vehicle. In waking life he had had sex with his wife before he married her and was deciding to not tell his church about it because he felt he would never outlive the shame for the rest of his life. The car window being rolled up in this case may have reflected the dreamer’s feelings about wishing to keep his personal life private from the church and choose to avoid listening to his religious views telling him to be honest about his pre-marital relationship with his wife as he continued to attend church. He felt that if he decided to be 100% honest with his church then the church would force involvement in his personal life that couldn’t be ignored. He chose to keep living his life the way he wanted while carefully keeping his church uninformed about his relationship with his wife before he married her.



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