Cape dreams meaning

By | April 10, 2017

Cape dreams meaning


To dream a wearing a cape represents feelings about an aspect of your personality that is an expert at being impressive or exceptional with situations that are perceived to be impossible by others. Personality traits that show off acting like a hero. Trying to impress or help others with superior skills. “Super-hero” superiority on display. Feelings about yourself or someone else that is so incredible that it just obvious.

Negatively, dreaming about a cape may reflect an excessive need to show off with superior skills. Excessive concern with impressing others with your presence or abilities. Feeling that you are so impressive that others are only inferior. Inflated ego about being superior or exceptional that drives you to show off. An inability to be as impressive as you wish to be. An inability to be as impressive in exceptionally difficult circumstances as you want to be. Feeling that someone you know is showing off too much.

To dream of a black cape may reflect feelings about a need to show off impressive abilities which you are feel are excessive or scary. Feelings about bad people showing off with impressive evil abilities.

The color of a cape may reflect the feelings or intentions of behavior that is trying to display exceptional skills to others.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of seeing a creature with a cape chasing her. In waking life he school grades were dropping and nothing she did could help her get the grades back up. Being chased by a creature with a cape may have reflected her feelings about herself trying to avoid the scary expectations of needing to be exceptionally impressive with school grades as she was failing at school. She was also Asian and Asians tend to have parents who apply more pressure to their children with it comes to school. She may have felt it was impossible be an impressive student with perfect grades to impress her parents and was unable to meet expectations they had for her.



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