Candles dreams meaning

By | May 15, 2019

Candles dreams meaning


To see a burning candle in your dream represents hope or possibility. A positive outlook or belief during an uncertain time. Beliefs that give you confidence in difficult situations.

Alternatively, you may be experiencing some good luck during a hard time.

Negatively, a candle may reflect blind hope or naive hope. Hoping that a problem will go away on it’s own without trying to learn about the problem. It may also reflect your hope for something bad to happen to someone else.

To dream of a candle light dinner represents a concern for others feelings during the ending of a waking life situation. Being supportive during a time of closure. Giving others hope, sympathy, or respect when something important has finished. Feeling good getting a difficult situation over with.

To dream of a red candle may reflect your hope for something bad or dangerous to happen. Possibly a sign that you are hoping or wishing for something bad to happen to someone that you don’t like.

Example: The day before an old woman died she dreamed of a lit candle on the windowsill of her bedroom. The candle blew out and she was filled with fear. The candle then reappeared lit outside the window. The candle may have reflected her hope that she would live while confronting the prospect of death. It blew out to symbolize her fear about the process of dying. The candle appears relit outside the window to represent her feelings about knowing she’ll be OK after she’s died and experiences herself living in heaven. The dream gave the woman peace before she died.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a candle being held close her leg by a nurse who kept slowly bringing the candle closer to her leg until she felt burned by the candle. In waking life she had leg pain that she hoped would go away and then woke up one day to discover that she had developed an infection in her bone marrow.\

Example 3: A woman dreamed of looking at herself in the mirror holding a red candle. In waking life she was very unhappy in a relationship that she feared leaving. She hope that something bad would happen to man she was in the relationship with so it would give her an honest excuse to leave him



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