Canada dreams meaning

By | May 15, 2019

Canada dreams meaning


To dream of Canada represents a state of mind that is sensitive about itself having to do more than others. It reflects awareness of one’s self having to be more honest, helpful, nicer, or hard working than someone else in some way. Feeling that you are always doing more than others without getting credit for it. Being in Canada may also represent your awareness of yourself always being right in a argument with no recognition.

Positively, Canada may reflect your feelings about getting a last chance or getting help when nobody else will care about you. Feeling that everyone around you is beautifully “awesome” or totally concerned with your feelings.

Negatively, may reflect your awareness of being right or “positiver” than someone who has more power than you. Jealousy of having done more than others or having acted perfect and getting no respect for it. Anger that other people are getting away with cheating or being arrogant when you aren’t. Alternatively, Canada in a negative context may reflect too much giving without anything to show for it. Screwing yourself being too generous.

Dreaming being in may also reflect feelings that everyone around you is jealous of something you have because they think they deserve it more than you



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  1. Conquester

    I was just in a argument yesterday since someone always was ahead even though i did more work than them! this is true!


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