Cable Car dreams meaning

By | May 15, 2019

Cable Car dreams meaning

Cable Car

To dream of riding in a cable car (air based – not streetcar) represents feelings about being advised or easily taken care of by someone with more experience than you. Professional assistance that allows to easily see all the problems or potential pitfalls in the situation from a wiser mindset. Feeling easily carried by expert advice to reach a final destination in life.

Negatively, riding a cable car may reflect difficulty acting on expert advice while you enjoy listening to it. Using expert advice for entertainment or interesting conversation without ever wanting to really act on it. Enjoying thinking other people are stupider than you while an expert instructs you on how to get through a problem easily from beginning to end. Fearing acting on expert advice. Insecurity about taking action based on advice you’re getting. Spending too much time awaiting an outcome. Anxiety about waiting for an outcome.

Example: A woman dreamed of riding in a cable car in the sky and looking down to see an foggy city. In waking life she was getting a lot of good advice from an expert to help her get through a difficult situation and some of the advice warned her of serious embarrassment waiting for people not getting the same advice. She spent a lot of time concerned about what would happen to all the other people who weren’t as well advised as her.



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