Button dreams meaning

By | May 15, 2019

Button dreams meaning

To dream of a push button represents feelings about how easy something in your life is to access or initiate.
Negatively, dreaming about a push button may reflect feelings about how easy it is to harm others when you choose to. The ability to abuse someone or something on command. Anxiety about something you can easily access being dangerous.

To dream of buttons for clothing may represent feelings about carefully or intentionally keeping something responsibly under control. Intentionally refraining from certain behaviors.

Negatively, a dreaming about buttons on clothing may reflect a need to “let loose” because you are too uptight.

To dream of unbuttoning clothing in a dream may represent feelings about opening yourself up to others mentally, emotionally, or sexually. An intentional release of self-control.

Example: A woman dreamed of a poisonous push button that was installed on the side of her car. In waking life she was heavily pregnant and feared using drugs to make the delivery easier. The poisonous push button may have reflected her feelings about how easy drugs would be to get continuously during labor while also having anxiety about how dangerous the drugs could be for the baby.


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