Bush dreams meaning

By | May 16, 2019

AncestAgony ors

To dream of a single bush may represent feelings about some area of your life doesn’t do anything at all except be noticed.
Negatively, dreaming of a bush may represent feelings about something in your life that’s presence bothers when you feel it doesn’t need to be present. A boring or annoyingly useless obstacle. A person or situation that bothers you that it doesn’t do anything at all.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing bushes on the side of a road. In waking life she was beginning to suffer from hallucinations that doctors couldn’t figure out. The bushes may have reflected her feelings about the hallucinations being present in her life while having no meaningful purpose.


2 thoughts on “Bush dreams meaning

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve dream about running from an dangerous animal about 7 of us ,we all were running for our lives ,then I realized me and the pregnant lady leave back but as I realized that she was there ,the animal catch her ,I don’t know the animal name ,is the first time I ever seen a thing like that ,anyway after the animal catch the pregnant lady she start to scream for help I tried to help her but I have to run to save my life ,i keep running until I suprise to see this old building so I ran to the building and stand up outside
    I don’t understand this dream

  2. Mr. Clinton

    In my dream I and my parents where cutting down a bush. Pls I want to understand this


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