Bruises dreams meaning

By | May 18, 2019


Bruises ,To dream of a bruise represents situations in your life that are hurtful, but not dangerous. A bruise may reflect painful situations or conflict that you are more than capable of getting over.

Negatively, bruises may reflect the realization that you must accept the consequences of your actions. It may symbolize dangerous situations that you are lucky to have gotten away from at all.



4 thoughts on “Bruises dreams meaning

  1. Oliver

    I had a dream about a huge bruise on my wrist to my forearm. I’m not going through anything much hurt in real life when I woke up does anyone have any idea what this could mean???

    1. HolidayGoer

      Apparently, a few people do experience actual pain when dreaming and scientists don’t know why. I’m the same and it can be very distressing. If the pain went away a few minutes after you woke up, it was the dream. It’s fascinating to me and I wish we knew more about dreams and how we, humans, really work 🙂

  2. Esme

    i don’t really remember the dream to well but i had bruises all over my body, that night i was crying cause i was really sad over life stuff, maybe that’s what caused it i’m not to sure 🙁

  3. Laylani

    What does it mean when I have a dream that I was at a restaurant and went to the bathroom because my face was hurting. Then I look in the bathroom mirror and see bruises under my eyes and on my nose?


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