Bribery dreams meaning

By | May 18, 2019

Bribery dreams meaning


Bribery dreams ,To dream of bribery represents feelings about rules or integrity not mattering in a waking life situation. You or others that are easily influenced to ignore rules. Feelings of having to make something “worth someone’s while” in order to get co-operation. Awareness of yourself or others abusing their roles to get more for themselves. Unwillingness to listen unless you get something for it.

Negatively, having to pay a bride may reflect feelings about people in your life abusing their status or roles. A corrupted mindset regarding responsibilities or sharing. A need to make other people feel that they are more important then they really are to get what you want. Feelings of being ripped off or extorted. Feeling that you have to give someone special treatment in order to get regular treatment.

Positively, a bribe may reflect the ability to do someone a favor to work around difficult or unfair conditions.



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