Branded dreams meaning

By | May 17, 2019

Branded dreams meaning


Branded ,To dream of branding a person or animal may reflect feelings about a very serious method to ensure that ownership is noticed. A permanent mark on your reputation. A permanent gesture to make ownership obvious in some area of your life. Making identifying leaders or owners easy. A serious or aggressive gesture made on someone you are in are relationship with to ensure that other people know they are “your property.” Feelings about wanting ownership made public. Feelings of ownership mixed with originality.

Negatively, branding in a dream may reflect a rude or insensitive action to assert ownership that is completely ignoring someone else’s feelings. Making someone else feel that they are permanently owned against their will. Making someone look obligated to you through serious gestures or actions. Forcing the appearance of ownership or control onto someone else. Negatively labeling others or ruining reputations. Overbearing methods to prevent jealousy in a relationship with public gestures to assert yourself over the other person by making it look impossible that they could be with anyone else.

To dream of being branded and not liking it may reflect your feelings about your reputation being negatively effected. Unwanted association with someone else. Feeling that someone didn’t respect you while talking about you being associated with them.

To dream branding a door represents a strong sense of originality or ownership with a specific opportunity or option in your waking life. Possibilities that are clearly and obviously someone else’s idea. Feeling that it’s serious to need to remember or acknowledge that an opportunity is someone else’s idea. Feeling that there is a need to respect an original idea for a new option or opportunity.



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