Body Bag dreams meaning

By | May 19, 2019

Body Bag dreams meaning

Body Bag

To dream of a body bag represents feelings about acceptance of some area of your life being failed or permanently changed. Respecting failure or permanent change while not feeling the need to discuss it. An indicator of some area of your life being officially over. Failures or permanent changes you feel are inappropriate to discuss at length. Accepting a failure as statistical, an inevitable tragedy, or the result of not listening enough. Feeling that there is no need to pursue, investigate, or speak about failure you are keeping secret.

Negatively, a body bag may reflect a wish to prevent failures or permanent changes from being discussed. Hoping that people will assume you are not responsible for a failure if you cover up your guilt with minimal effort. Faking permanent failure and trying to avoid talking about it to maintain the deception. Accepting yourself giving up too easily.

To dream of a body bag being unzipped may reflect feelings about an area of your life that you accepted as being over needing to be acknowledged again.



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