Boardwalk dreams meaning

By | May 18, 2019

Boardwalk dreams meaning


To dream of a boardwalk represents your feelings about how wonderful it feels to not have to care about facing a problem. Awareness of yourself enjoying effortlessly enduring a problem situation while other people look stupid. Feeling good noticing that a problem situation doesn’t matter at all. You may feel lucky or appreciative with how fortunate you are to avoid a confrontation. Feelings about yourself enjoying being a professional that gets to avoid serious involvement with confronting a problem. Feeling that it’s easy to make people give you what you want. Situations where you feel you are easily respected.

The symbolism is based on beaches reflecting confrontation with uncertainty or negative situations.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing himself on a boardwalk and then choosing to turn off towards the right instead of choosing to walk down it. In waking waking life he had won the lottery and old friends whom he didn’t like wanted to become friends again. He felt that the reconciliation would be very easy for him with all the old friends “kissing up” to him. He chose to make an excuse and leave the country instead.



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