BMW dreams meaning

By | March 17, 2017


To dream of a BMW car represents a style of self-control and decision making that is concerned with being perfectly professional. Professional attitude towards problem solving at all times. Strong wish to avoid embarrassment or difficulties being noticed by others. A wish to avoid looking like a cheater or sloppy person. A decision-making style where you are viewed by others as an expert. A decision-making style where it’s important to be viewed by others with experienced integrity.

Negatively, dreaming about a BMW car may reflect a dishonest, excessive, or dangerous attitude towards being professional in appearance to others. Full awareness of what you are doing is wrong with an experienced professional attitude. A professional attitude about appearances when getting away with crime or dishonest behavior. Believing in yourself as a professional when you aren’t. Awareness of yourself getting away with dishonest behavior because you are very calculated or experienced.

Example: A woman dreamed of driving a BMW and crashing it into another black BMW which she had been following. In waking life she was unhappily married and trying to figure out a way to both leave her current marriage while starting a new relationship with another guy at the same time. The BMW symbolism may have reflected her professional attitude towards relationships as she attempted to leave her husband for another man without being caught too early. She wanted to find a smooth way to leave her husband with an easy divorce and then start dating the other man as quickly as she could.



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