Blonde Hair dreams meaning

By | May 21, 2019

Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

To dream of blonde or yellow hair represents a thinking style that is being noticed. What you are thinking or how you are thinking being obvious to others. Awareness of yourself or someone else thinking in a certain way.

Alternatively, blonde hair in a dream may reflect actualization of thoughts. Awareness of your ideas “coming to life.” Seeing your ideas happen for real. Feeling good noticing something you are thinking happening. Thinking it’s fantastic to watch your ideas come to life.

Negatively, blonde hair may reflect fears coming to life or embarrassment of your thinking style being obvious to people who don’t respect you. Fearing offensive ideas being noticed by people with authority over you. Jealousy of enemies laughing at your ideas or honesty.

To dream of beautiful people with blonde hair may reflect pleasant feelings about life experience where you are noticing your dreams or desires happening for real. Positive attention to your ideas or comments.

Example: A woman had recurring nightmares of herself having . In waking life she was fearing that highly controversial statements she was making in public would be discovered and get her in trouble. The blonde hair in this case may have reflected her feelings about her controversial political opinions causing her an excessive amount of attention.



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  1. Bailey Hixon

    Hey what if you dreamt of the same girl through out ur life but in different parts of the the USA like when I was 19 it was on a beach but this time it was the same girl blond hair and blue eyes and we lived happily together with a beautiful baby girl then switch to jus me and the blonde hair girl on the beach with a. White and blue house


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