Blimp dreams meaning

By | May 19, 2019



To dream of a blimp may represent a plan or project getting “off the ground” that is big and empty.
Positively, dreaming about a blimp may reflect feelings about success or maintaining your level of status based on unsubstantial gestures. Feeling that it’s easy to succeed by “talking big”, but using very little resources.

Negatively, a blimp may reflect the realization of goals that are based on empty promises or a lack of substance. Getting something in your life to work based on a lack of substance, integrity, or an unusual degree of deception. Successful plans or projects based on “a lot of hot air” or lies. Keeping power, money, self-respect, or other people’s loyalty with methods that are uncaring. Saying whatever needs to be said in order to keep your goals “floating.”

Example: A woman dreamed of using  travel with a bunch of Las Vegas card dealers. In waking life she was taking a chance with her business to keep customers by using free pen gifts to entice her customers to renew their contracts to keep her business running. The blimp may have reflected her feelings about how big and empty the gesture of free gift pens to her customer felt to her in order to keep her business “floating.”



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