Black Widow dreams meaning

By | May 21, 2019

Black Widow dreams meaning

Black Widow

To dream of a black window represents feelings of being trapped in a sensitive, volatile, and unforgiving situation. You may feel that there will be permanent or hostile consequences that you will be powerless to stop if you make a single mistake.

Alternatively, a black window may reflect your own sensitive hostile intentions towards someone else. You may be ready to exact harsh revenge or consequences on someone else if they upset you in any way at all.

Example: A woman dreamed of having black windows under her skin. In real life she has a volatile relationship with her daughter and was ready to give her up to social services if her daughter got out of line at all. The black widows under her skin reflected how frustrated and ready she was to exact harsh punishment on her daughter at a moments notice.


4 thoughts on “Black Widow dreams meaning


    yes, tell me about the black “window”. i guess spellcheck doesnt work when its a correct spelling of a different word than you mean.
    anyways, thought you’d like to know and fix it

  2. Jac

    I had a dream of a black widow spider and it was trapped in a jar. In the jar it was making a black web. The jar fell over and my grandson got the jar I was afraid he got bit but wasn’t sure. when I looked in the jar the spider was gone. We looked for it and the spider was no where to be found.

  3. Izzy

    I dreamt that all of a sudden I saw two huge black widows, neither wanted to hurt us (there was someone else in the dream and it felt it was a female). I was not afraid of them, more like impressed of how big they were. We managed to kill them both, one me and she the other, but they were so big that their belly was so hard that felt like paint ball. P.S. I rarely remember my dreams.


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