Black dreams meaning

By | May 21, 2019



To dream of the color black represents an extreme or imbalanced state.

It signifies a negative thought pattern or situation that goes beyond normal limits.

Black often reflects negative emotions like fear or behaviors lacking moderation.

It may indicate a situation where nothing positive seems to be happening at all.

Black can appear in dreams for individuals experiencing fear, suicidal thoughts, depression, desperation, substance abuse, or excessive sexual activity.

It symbolizes an unbalanced mindset, mood, or behavior.

It may also reflect your own awareness of behaving poorly towards others.

In dreams, black is often accompanied by the color red.

When these colors are combined, it typically represents intense fear or strong negative intentions.

It signifies facing the most challenging situation you’ve ever encountered in your life.

To dream of being surrounded by blackness represents feelings of having no clear solutions to a problem.

It may also indicate fear, a sense of being lost, or a feeling of complete isolation. It represents the fear of the unknown.


A man dreamed of seeing someone with black eyes. In waking life, he feared severe punishment and complete control from his abusive father if he attempted to escape him.

Example 2:

A man dreamed of seeing a porn star riding a black horse.

In waking life, he struggled to overcome an addiction to pornography.

The black horse symbolized his excessive sexual drive and excessive self-pleasure.

Example 3:

A young man dreamed of seeing a vicious black dog.

In waking life, he was extremely angry with a friend and used the most hurtful language possible to insult her.

Example 4:

A man dreamed of seeing someone dressed in black.

In waking life, he believed his stockbroker was losing an excessive amount of his money and wanted to change to a different stockbroker.

Example 5:

A woman dreamed of a black horse leaning on her.

In waking life, she feared losing a significant amount of business due to a falling-out with a competitive and bossy friend.


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