Bikers dreams meaning

By | May 20, 2019

Bikers dreams meaning


To dream of seeing motorcycle gang bikers represents feelings about experiencing situations where you feel excluded or “pushed out” by other people who are too big to confront. Feelings hopeless about problems being too big to overcome. Feeling “pushed around” by problems in life. Feeling that life is intentionally picking on you and keeping you powerless while other people enjoy power to your face. Feeling that someone in intentionally keeping you powerless and enjoying it. Arrogant bullies in your life that are too big to boss around. An arrogant stubborn attitude about power that doesn’t care about family life. Mean people with more power than you who never do what they are told. Having no leverage to force someone bigger than you to listen to you. Feelings about bullies that are resourceful and organized.

Alternatively, bikers in a dream may reflect your own corrupt bullying attitude about enjoying power while not caring about anyone else’s feelings at all. Showing to others that you are too big and powerful to be forced to act honest. Full awareness of yourself being arrogantly unfair to someone weaker than you. Enjoying getting away with corrupt power. Never doing what you are told no matter what. Enjoying thinking other people are weaker losers who can’t stand up to you.

Example : A man dreamed of being in a giant house that had bikers living inside of it. In waking life he felt hopeless about fixing a serious health problem. It felt like no matter what he did God was intentionally humiliating him with never being able to recover. He felt that that God was impossible to make listen to him and intentionally avoiding listening him.



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