Bible dreams meaning

By | May 20, 2019

Bible dreams meaning


To dream of the bible represents your moral standards or fundamental belief system. It may also represent your sense of truth. A fundamentalist mindset or attitude about something happening in your life. Confronting major or “biblical” changes that you find difficult. Finding strength in fundamental beliefs or moral structure. A fundamental structured plan for your life. Seeking comfort that you are doing the right thing. Feeling that it’s important to stand by your morals. A person or resource that you feel has all the answers you need. Struggling to be a responsible adult when something difficult happens to you. Answers or codes of behavior that you always have faith in.

Alternatively, dreaming about the bible may reflect your heightened sensitivity about behaving or living as God intended.

Negatively, dreaming of the bible may reflect naive assumptions about something being unquestionably right. Unquestioned blind faith that doesn’t help you. A casual approach to powerful fundamental solutions. Alternatively, it may reflect beliefs or fear of not living your life honestly. A tendency to preach to others about morality or how to be perfect.

To dream of a person damaging or ripping the bible may represent some aspect of your personality that is turning it’s back on fundamental beliefs or moral standards. It may also reflect a person or situation that doesn’t share your beliefs. Feeling that someone is insensitive about your standards or values Feeling fed up with being perfectly honest.

To dream of a red bible represents an excessive need for honesty or to adhere to certain beliefs. It may also reflect a disingenuous use of moral dogma. Alternatively, it may reflect an ugly attitude about strict beliefs in God.

To dream of a “biblical” type war may reflect feelings about challenges or conflict in your life that is too important to back down from. Feeling that your life or future in on the line. Feeling that too much is at stake to give up.

Example: A man dreamed of a biblical type war. In waking life he was confronting a very serious illness that he thought was going to destroy his life.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in a church with her ex-boyfriend and trying to solve math equations based on bible chapters. In waking life her ex-boyfriend was getting married and she was struggling to find a way to deal with her jealousy of never having him ever again. She needed some kind of way to help her accept her ex-boyfriend’s new life and make a structured plan to move on with her life as well.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of a bear demanding that she give him her bible and then ran away from the bear. In waking life her boyfriend was very controlling and wanted to her to give up her plans for her life to be with him and she decided to break up with him him and follow through on her life plans. The bible in this case may have reflected the girl’s fundamental views about how her life should be lived.



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