Benches dreams meaning

By | May 22, 2019



To dream of a park bench represents a positive attitude or mood about something you are choosing to wait for. Casually doing nothing about an issue or situation.

Negatively, a park bench may reflect a preference to procrastinate or take passive role. Feeling good not having to take any initiative. Feeling comfortable doing nothing. Playing with other people’s feelings by casually leading them on with false hope or promises when you have no serious intentions.

To dream of a backless bench represents a comfortable attitude taking a passive role or listening to something interesting while also being eager to do something else as soon as you can. Momentary passive role because you feel you have to. Discomfort being passive for too long.

Example: A man dreamed of a beautiful girl he had just met sitting with him on a park bench. In waking life he was comfortable not making any moves on the girl because she had a kid and he was more interested in enjoying being her friend. He was happy to just causally know her while being aware of her waiting for him to make a romantic gesture.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an obscure girl sitting on a bench in the distance and slowly walking up to the bench to see her. In waking life he was told by a friend that a girl from his past was single and waiting to date him and didn’t believe it. He eventually met up with the girl and was shocked to learn that what he heard about the girl’s feelings for him were true. The bench in this case may have reflected his feelings about the girl from his past waiting to date him.



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