Bedroom dreams meaning

By | May 21, 2019

Bedroom dreams meaning


To dream of a bedroom represents private thoughts, or issues that you don’t feel comfortable discussing with other people. It’s often pointing to sexual issues, personal problems, or things you find embarrassing. Relationship issues.

To dream of your bedroom door opening may represent a willingness to discuss to deal with private issues. door closing may represent you decision to keep certain issues private or no longer discuss something openly.

To dream of looking out your  window represents your perception of the future on personal or private matters. What’s coming later in regards to your relationships or secrets.

To dream of cleaning your  represent your choice to be more conservative or objective about a personal or private matter. Alternatively, it may reflect how you are getting your personal or private matters in order. You may have been overwhelmed by a personal problem.

Example: A man  seeing the ceiling and walls in his bedroom cracking. He feared the ceiling falling on him. In waking life he had recently broke up with a long time partner and feared never being good enough to fall in love like that again.



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