Basketball dreams meaning

By | May 23, 2019

Basketball dreams meaning


To dream of a basketball game represents a struggle to prove that your ideas are better than other people’s ideas. Struggling to prove you are right or more deserving of respect than someone else. Proving you are smarter. Using all your skills, ideas, insights, or resources to prove someone else wrong. Conflicting agendas trying to outsmart each other. Conflicting agendas trying to embarrass each other with better ideas or better outcomes. A basketball game reflects different aspects of your life that are at odds over influential choices. A metaphor for different aspects of your personality or your life that are trying to prove they are the most effective or more intelligent. A conflict of between two people that equally believe their are more professional, experienced, or well read than the other with the ability to prove it. Stubbornly refusing to listen to anyone who tells you that your ideas should be ignored.

Negatively, a basketball game may reflect an intense jealous competition to prove being right. Desperation to force your ideas or intentions on others. Abusing an open opportunity to force your ideas on people. Stealing opportunities from others to prove you are better. Dishonestly using any means necessary to make yourself more deserving. Dishonestly attempting to look smarter than someone else you are competing against. Fear of being prove by someone else that your ideas are stupider or weaker.

Basketballs symbolizes thoughts or ideas that are believed to better than someone else’s ideas. A mindset that is focused on attaining power or achievement through example. An idea you wish to prove is more attractive than someone else’s idea. Using power to prove you are a smarter or stronger person. Something you are using your skill, status, or resources to make happen. Competing with other people to make your ideas more prominent or the first to be paid attention to.

The basketball net is your goal, desire, or life objective that you want to prove is good idea.

To dream of shooting hoops on your own represents your attempts to use power or resources to achieve a goal on your own. Doing something for yourself. Proving that your ideas are right with nobody to support you. Practicing on your own to embarrass someone else that your ideas are the best. Experimenting with your ideas to make sure they are good ideas. Negatively, it may reflect awareness of yourself pointlessly attempting to prove your are right. Missed shots or losing a game symbolizes failure to prove that your ideas are better than someone else’s. You may not have the power, status, or resources you need.

Example: A woman dreamed of playing basketball with her boyfriend and noticed that he wasn’t very good. In waking life she felt all her boyfriend was consistently unable to prove himself to be worthy enough to continue dating.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of playing a basketball game with midgets. In waking life he was competing with an internet message forum webmaster who was trying to embarrass him with permanent banning. The dreamer had superior computer skills that enabled him to repeatedly humiliate the webmaster with showing up on the message forum whenever he wanted making it look too easy. The basketball game in this case may have reflected the dreamer’s feelings about his advanced computer skills allowing him to repeatedly prove he was superior with technology to the less skilled webmaster.

Example 3: A young girl dreamed of walking down a basketball court. In waking life she decided she didn’t like her friends and was considering trying to embarrass them all by getting more popular friends.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing a basketball hoop. In waking life he was having difficulty deciding if he should try to get a new job when his company got bought out by another company. He was uncertain if he had the right skills to get a new job. The basketball net in this case may have reflected his lingering untested idea to attempt proving to himself that he was good enough to get a new job.



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