Barn dreams meaning

By | May 23, 2019

Barn dreams meaning


To dream of a barn represents feelings about your ability to be resourceful with new ideas or creativity. Your personal cache of ideas, talents, or abilities. Feelings about “other things” you do or could do apart from normal life. The second side or hidden side of your private life that keeps you looking interesting or productive. Drawing from your background, past experiences, or originality.

Negatively, a barn may reflect feelings of interrupting the status quo or stopping your current level of happiness with the way things are. Not liking new ideas or having to get creative for new situations. Issues with situations that you feel are way they are supposed to be. Feeling that you have everything you need or that there is no need to change.

Example: A girl dreamed of her abusive ex-boyfriend meeting her inside a barn. In real life she was very happy with her new life in a new town away from her ex, but still having conflicting feelings about her old life with him. The barn reflected her new life projecting a sense of having moved on from her ex and not needing him because she had her own ideas. The barn was her store of “other ideas” and her second life of friends and family that allowed her to move on from her ex if she wanted to.

Example 2: A young boy had a recurring dream for years that would occur a week before Halloween about pumpkins being inside a barn, and then having a hellish time getting out of the barn. In real life he didn’t like Halloween and didn’t like having to go along with everyone else who did. The barn he couldn’t escape reflected the status quo mentality of friends and family around Halloween time the felt felt forced into joining.

Example 3: An older woman dreamed of seeing a new barn being built. In waking life she was always trying new things and trying to keep learning. The new barn reflected her developing sense of personal experience and originality she could draw from with other people.



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