Barbed Wire dreams meaning

By | May 23, 2019

Barbed Wire dreams meaning

Barbed Wire

To dream of barbed wire represents difficulty in breaking through or getting a point across to someone. It may also reflect feelings about a situation intentionally being made too difficult or off-limits. Barriers in relationships or situations that are intentionally being made to dangerous to cross. Making it clear to others that trying to test you is a bad idea. Feelings about a situation being entrenched.

Negatively, barbed wire may reflect an excessive need to create barriers or “danger zones” in situations or relationships. Purposely making other people feel that testing you or your relationship is dangerous. Jealousy of interference in some manner that is making you go overboard with conditions or protective measures.

Example: A man dreamed of creating a barbed wire circle with his wife around a group of people. In waking life he was getting married. The barbed wire may have reflected his feelings about his upcoming marriage making his and his wife’s relationships with people of the opposite sex dangerously site off-limits.

Example 2: A doctor dreamed that wire was being set up in his hospital. In waking life he was living in Nazi Germany and one of his assistants had started to show up for work in his Nazi Storm Trooper uniform. He felt that the Nazi military was started to become too entrenched in the hospital.



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