Barbecue dreams meaning

By | May 23, 2019

Barbecue dreams meaning


To dream of using a barbecue represents an awareness of your carefree attitude about something you’re planning. Feeling good noticing that there is nothing to worry about.

To dream of using a barbecue in your backyard may represent a relaxed attitude about planning for something that makes you don’t like (like planning for school in the summer). It may also reflect a carefree attitude about not getting caught planning to do something wrong or dangerous.

To dream of eating barbecued food represents a situation in your life that is encouraging you to be carefree. An experience you are having that feels good noticing there is nothing to worry about. Consider the type of food for additional meaning.

Example: A young man dreamed of having a barbecue in his backyard. In waking life he was enjoying himself getting ready for his first year of high school. The barbecue reflected his carefree attitude about the planning for school and being in the backyard reflected his dislike of thinking about actually having to go to school.

Example 2: A woman dreamed that her plans for a family barbecue were rudely changed by her ex-husband who chose to go invite everyone on a fishing trip instead. In waking life she felt that demanding to have her 50% stake in a family business was going to be easy and that she would just go start a new life afterwards. In the end the husband was far more difficult to deal with than she expected.



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