Bar dreams meaning

By | May 23, 2019

Bar dreams meaning


Dreaming of being at a bar signifies a sense of safety and permissibility to indulge and enjoy oneself without restraint.

It represents a desire for a carefree and lighthearted experience, temporarily setting aside one’s problems.

The dream reflects a wish for enjoyable social interactions and a feeling of safety in allowing oneself to fully immerse in certain areas of interest or passion.

It may also indicate a tendency to engage in activities with great enthusiasm or to discuss specific topics extensively.

On the negative side, a bar in a dream may indicate concerns about needing to project a façade of enjoyment to others.

It could reveal insecurities about being accepted with one’s flaws or a preoccupation with addictive behaviors.

There may be a sense of needing permission to enjoy oneself or a nonchalant attitude towards excessive behavior without the desire for change.

Additionally, the dream may point to difficulties in accepting the need for seriousness in addressing important life situations or letting go of leisure activities and socializing.


A young man dreamed of wanting to go to a bar.

In waking life, he was undergoing psychiatric treatment and felt that his progress warranted more social interaction outside the mental hospital.

The bar in the dream symbolized his desire to give himself permission to engage socially, temporarily escaping from his mental health issues.


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