Baptism dreams meaning

By | May 23, 2019

Baptism dreams meaning


To dream of a baptism represents psychological or emotional renewal. You may be giving up old beliefs or habits for a new way of thinking. Feeling that you must perfectly accept certain conditions in order to prove your deserve a fresh start.

A baptism may be a sign that you are changing your attitude, or taking a new approach. It may also reflect new influences, making amends with your past, or a new lease on life. Consider the saying “being reborn into something new.”

Negatively, may be a sign that care too much about getting someone else’s acceptance or forgiveness in order move on with life. Placing to much importance on surrendering your ideas, preferences, or life choices in order to be forgiven.

To dream of a baby being baptized may symbolize a new situation that allows you to learn from previous mistakes.



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