Bail dreams meaning

By | May 24, 2019

Bail dreams meaning


To dream of making bail represents temporary relief from restrictions or limitations. It may also reflect a compromise or promise you’ve made to avoid a punishment or embarrassment. Putting something important on the line in order to avoid full consequences or show someone that you’re serious about change. Avoiding the entirety of an inconvenient consequence.

To dream of being denied bail may be a sign that someone else doesn’t trust you anymore. You may not be able to make a compromise that is big enough for someone to trust you again. Feeling that the full consequences of your actions have to be faced in their entirety or at your total inconvenience. Feeling that nothing you say or do can get you any temporary relief from a problem.

Negatively, bail may be a sign that you fell that you have impunity to do as you wish or that there are no consequences to your actions. It may also be a sign that you feel that other people are getting off “scot-free.”



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