Babies And Dreams

By | August 29, 2016

Babies And Dreams

Babies And Dreams

In a study on babies and dreaming, it was learned that babies spend about 66% of their sleeping time in the REM state. That is quite a bit of dreaming, considering that the average adult spends 15-20% of their sleep time in the dreaming stage. Dream researchers believe that there is a correlation between REM sleep and brain development. While still in the womb, the fetus is already spending a significant amount of time in REM sleep. At only 30 weeks, the fetus spends nearly 24 hours in the REM state.  Children And Dreams

Premature babies also spend up to 80% of their sleep in the REM state. As babies mature, their REM sleep decreases. It drops to 50% in the full term baby and down to 35% in a one year old. This finding supports the notion that REM sleep is important in the mental development of the baby. Dreaming may be seen as a way of “exercising” the mind and stimulating it. As babies get older, they will be able get mental stimulation from their surroundings and outside environment.

It is difficult to know what babies are dreaming about, but their dreams are probably triggered mainly by physical sensations. As babies continue to develop, visual images and sounds begin to play a role in dreams.


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