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The letter B in a dream represents feelings about yourself or some area of your life not being easy. Never having things given to you. Having to earn everything you have. No special treatment.

Negatively, the letter B may represent jealousy of other people who always have easier lives or more special treatment than you. Not liking not getting all the attention that you may feel you deserve more. Feeling uglier or second place.

Babybel Cheese dreams meaning

Babybel Cheese To dream of Babybel cheese represents feelings about enjoying success or profiting that is perfectly unavoidable. Winning situations that are tailored to you. Feeling good being a winner while taking your time. Winning and succes that feels “all wrapped up” for your enjoyment. To dream of running away from a giant Babybel cheese… Read More »

Bachelor Party dreams meaning

Bachelor Party To dream of a bachelor or bachelorette party represents a last minute indulgence before a permanent situation or commitment occurs. Enjoying a last moment of freedom before having to get serious. Doing something you always wanted to do before losing the opportunity for good. Negatively, a bachelor party may reflect irresponsible risks before… Read More »

Balance Beam dreams meaning

Balance Beam To dream of a balance beam represents your wish to prove how perfect you are or show other people how good you are at something. Showing off your expert skills or talents. Negatively, a balance beam may reflect too much concern for being perfect or feeling pressured into never making a mistake ever… Read More »

Bald dreams meaning

Bald To dream of being totally bald in a dream represents your mindset being totally unconcerned. Not caring about consequences or outcomes at all. It may also reflect a total lack of feeling or remorse for what you are doing to others. Total baldness could also represent fearlessness about a problem you’re confronting. Alternatively, being… Read More »

Ballerina dreams meaning

Ballerina To dream of a ballerina represents an aspect of your personality that is moving through obstacles effortlessly. It reflects a balanced state of mind gained through experience and confronting challenges with little difficulty. You know what you are doing and are confident in the face of adversity.  

Balloons dreams meaning

Balloons To dream of a balloon represents a situation that gives you a cause to celebrate or rejoice. Uplifting of your spirit or enjoying a lack of restrictions. Acknowledging or noticing that something good has happened. Feeling good about noticing yourself getting what you wanted. Enjoying yourself realizing a goal or getting what you feel… Read More »

Ballroom Dancing dreams meaning

Ballroom Dancing To dream of ballroom dancing or waltzing represents harmonious decision making or perfect co-operation. Applying your professional or sophisticated experience that makes a situation feel easy. Enjoying yourself never making a single mistake. Elegant or sophisticated thinking working out well for you. Positively, ballroom dancing or waltzing may represent feelings about yourself being… Read More »

Balls dreams meaning

Balls To dream of orbs or balls represents thoughts. Blue orbs or balls represent positive thoughts. Red orbs or balls represent negative thoughts.  may also reflect conflict over issues you want to get rid of. Sports balls in dreams symbolizes issues you are struggling with emotionally, or decisions you are considering. Choices that could end… Read More »