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The letter B in a dream represents feelings about yourself or some area of your life not being easy. Never having things given to you. Having to earn everything you have. No special treatment.

Negatively, the letter B may represent jealousy of other people who always have easier lives or more special treatment than you. Not liking not getting all the attention that you may feel you deserve more. Feeling uglier or second place.

Break dreams meaning

Break To dream  of an object breaking signifies the emotions associated with loss or failure in a particular area of your life. It indicates that you may be encountering unwelcome changes or unexpected setbacks. A situation or relationship may have revealed itself to be less fulfilling or reliable than originally believed, resulting in a sense of… Read More »

Boa Constrictor dreams meaning

Boa Constrictor To dream of a boa constrictor signifies a sense of emotional suffocation or limitations imposed upon oneself. It reflects the feeling of being constrained or restricted in some aspect of life. The presence of a boa constrictor in a dream can symbolize the oppressive influence of certain circumstances or relationships that stifle personal… Read More »

Barnacles dreams meaning

Barnacles To dream of barnacles represents an additional annoyance or burden that feels unnecessary or distracting from the main concern. It suggests a sense of being unable to solely focus on a problem or fully enjoy oneself due to the presence of other persistent issues. Barnacles symbolize problems that cling to and complicate existing matters.… Read More »

Baboon dreams meaning

Baboon : Dreaming of a baboon symbolizes the deliberate and conscious display of inappropriate behavior. It represents individuals, including yourself, who engage in thoughtless actions and show a disregard for social norms. The presence of a baboon in your dream indicates a lack of respect for boundaries and a tendency to act contrary to the… Read More »

Baby Bottle dreams meaning

Dreaming of a baby bottle symbolizes nurturing and supportive thoughts or emotions towards a new phase or aspect of your life. It signifies a sense of care and nourishment for the growth and development of something important to you. Drinking from a baby bottle in a dream represents a part of your personality or a… Read More »

Bamboo dreams meaning

Bamboo Dreaming of bamboo represents a heightened sensitivity towards feeling easily vulnerable, defeated, manipulated, or belittled. It reflects a perception that your defenses or boundaries are weak and easily penetrable. You may feel that others have the power to take advantage of you or speak condescendingly towards you whenever they desire. This dream symbolizes a… Read More »

Banana Splits dreams meaning

Banana Splits Dreaming of a banana split sundae often symbolizes engaging in significant sexual indulgence and finding pleasure in discussing those experiences afterwards, particularly with friends. It represents a scenario where there is a high level of sexual activity and an openness to share and discuss it openly. However, in a negative context, the dream… Read More »

Bananas dreams meaning

Bananas Dreaming of a banana often symbolizes repressed sexual desires and urges within the subconscious mind. It suggests the presence of sexual energy that may be unexpressed or suppressed in waking life. When you dream of unpeeling a banana, it signifies a desire to indulge in sexual activity or explore your sexual desires. It represents… Read More »

Baby dreams meaning

Dreaming of a baby signifies new beginnings, fresh perspectives, and the emergence of new aspects of your life. It represents the potential for growth, the birth of ideas, and the start of exciting ventures. The presence of a baby in your dream may also symbolize a new project or the discovery of untapped potential within… Read More »

Baby Carriage dreams meaning

Dreaming of a baby carriage symbolizes a new development or situation in your life that requires your constant care and attention. It represents the responsibilities or obligations that you carry with you at all times, similar to how a parent takes care of their baby. This dream suggests that you have taken on a significant… Read More »

Baby Clothes dreams meaning

Dreaming of baby clothes symbolizes your personality and behavior when you are faced with a new or developing aspect of your life. It represents how you choose to present yourself and project your image when discussing your recent achievements or endeavors. Negatively, this dream may indicate the personality traits that emerge when dealing with sensitive… Read More »

Baby Food dreams meaning

Dreaming of baby food symbolizes a situation in your waking life that is being simplified or made easier for you to handle. It represents acts of care and nurturing that aim to facilitate your experience or journey. This dream suggests that someone is taking steps to ensure that you can navigate through a problem or… Read More »